Manual of the main functions of the "PPRO8" platform

0. Preparation for launch

Link to download the platform Download
After installation for the PPro8.exe file, you must set the checkbox attribute - run as administrator (File Properties - Compatibility tab), which is located in the C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Ralota \ PPro8 {release name} or C: \ Program Files \ Ralota \ PPro8… {release name}

After starting the program will ask you to add PPro8.exe, Logger.exe to the firewall (firewall) exceptions and after authorization CDSD.exe.
Be sure to add to the exceptions in both types of networks, home / work, as well as public. Ignoring this recommendation entails problems from delays in quotes to inability to log in.

If everything went well, the content of the page should be displayed , which opens together with the platform.
Note : if the trading platform starts with an error, then you need to install the Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005 and 2010 redistributable packages . Download

And also check in Windows Firewall> Rules for incoming connections> that there are permissions for: ppro8, logger, cdsd.

This manual describes the basic frequently used functions of the P-pro8 platform. To get acquainted with all the tools and settings of the platform, you must study the full manual (eng.)
1. The order of launching the platform.
1.1. We launch the P-pro8 platform itself through a shortcut on the desktop.
Click, select Enviroment ( Live - for real trading, or TMS - for demo trading)
Then enter your Username \ Password (the password is the same for all modes) and click "OK".
When launched in parallel, the page of the news site will open in the browser (you can close it)

2. Installing Layout (settings files of the ready configuration), updating.

After the first launch of the platform, it will open in the default state, not configured for the trader. In order not to understand the intricacies of the settings for a long time, we strongly recommend that you immediately download the ready-made configuration of the settings (you can get it from your manager at Dolphin Online Trading).
To do this, close P-pro8, enter the folder with the installed platform, for example, by default it is C: \ Program Files \ Ralota \ P-pro8 ... version \ YourNAME

In the root folder, after the first launch, a folder with the name of the trader's login will appear, for example:

In the folder with the login, select the Live (real) or TMS (demo) folder, and copy the settings files into this folder (when copying, select "Copy with replacing all files in the destination folder"). These folders store configuration files for the settings of all P-pro8 windows. Accordingly, these folders can be saved in storage, copied, etc., when transferring the platform to another computer or when updating the platform.
When releasing a new version of P-pro8, be sure to update to the latest version . To do this, the old version of P-pro8 must be removed, be sure to pre-save the above folders with your configuration settings, and install the new version and copy the folders with your settings into it.

3. Basic platform tools

The main toolbar of the tools is constantly open, through it you can launch any available

tools in the form of separate windows.

Basic tools.

Closing the platform is done only through the Exit button , the platform offers to save your current Layout profile , you must select Yes if we want to save the changes made during the current session. The platform also has tools QuoteBoard, ImbalanceLocator, BasketOrder, ChartWindow, SocialMediaMonitor, KeyboardSetup and others, about which there is a large manual with a detailed description of all existing functions and settings.
Also, the Messages window is constantly open, in which sometimes there are system messages of the company or warnings about exceeding the daily stop loss.

Any platform window can be adjusted to taste, using the context menu (click RMB on the window).

4. Entering a ticker, hotkeys:

To display a stock in the order book, you must enter its ticker according to the syntax rules in upper case.

for example: stock BAC put the cursor in the ticker entry window in the order book > enter " BAC ", then the TAB key (the cursor switches to the exchange selection window) enter the ticker of the NY exchange and press ENTER .
All keyboard input looks like this:

5. Sending orders:

The order book (level2) is used to send orders. When the
order book is active , when you press the hotkey, the order window pops up:
F1 buy limit
F2 sell limit
F5 buy market
F6 sell market
Through F3, a window of stop orders pops up: (in the platform they are called Script-orders)
For stop-market orders, the key sequences are used :
F3 then F5 (buy stop market)
F3 then F6 (sell stop market) vdv

It is also possible to use a stop-limit order, where you must also enter the price of a limit order that will be sent when the trigger is triggered foot.
F3 then F1 (buy stop limit)
F3 then F2 (sell stop limit)

Keys to adjust the lot size ↑ ↓ and prices ← → , TAB - switch the cursor to the next. field.
Enter send the selected order
Endrecall the last placed order
Ctrl + End recall all placed orders
Esc hide the window for sending orders in the order book
To cancel a certain order, select it with the mouse and press Esc

6. Control of orders

On the P-pro8 platform, you can also trade fractional orders (at least 10 shares).

All operations with orders are displayed in the "History Log" window, which consists of 3 parts.
For example: the screenshot shows the placed buy-limit order for a BAC stock for 100 shares, as well as stop orders (they are also called script-orders in the platform).
To cancel a placed order, select it with the cursor and press the Esc key.
In Script Orders, it is important to pay attention to the Info and State columns :
Stopped means that the order is canceled (stopped)
Wating for TOS means that the order is active (placed and awaiting execution).

7. Working with positions

The Refresh button is used to update the data in the platform in case of network failures, for this you need to
click Refresh> Select All> Ok
Another emergency way to quickly cover a position with the market can be in the "Summary" window, select the checkbox
item> click RMB > "Flatten Selected".
When you click on the " +" to the left of the positions, a pop-up list of
operations performed for the current day with the selected stock will open .

The main designations of the window columns:
U - (Unrealized) uncovered result (profit / loss)
Net - net result minus ECN Fees,
Gross - result without deduction Fees,
Fees - taxes + -payment ECN
Sz Trdd - (Shares Traded) traded shares for this day.
CurEx - (Current Exposure) funds used in the position.
Sym (symbol) - Ticker
Side - the side of the position (Buy or SellShort)
Avg Px - (Average Price) the average price of the position.
Sz In- (Size In) open position size. Allow NL - Trader's Day Stop Loss.

8. Charts \ Charts

Charts can be included in any quantity by clicking on the corresponding Charts button on the main panel.